Rebels Beyond Borders: COP25


Extinction Rebellion are crossing borders, in a huge international effort to bare witness to the COP25 (United Nations Climate Conference), being held in Madrid from December 2nd-13th.  COP25 draws together the largest countries and contributors in global carbon emissions, leaders from all nations come together to make commitments on the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.


Since the formation of 'Conference Of the Parts' (COP), not enough leader promises have yet to been made or rather put into action to make a significant enough impact on safe guarding humanities future from run away climate and ecological breakdown. Extinction Rebellion Rebels from across the world are coming together in Madrid to raise the alarm bells, tell the truth through non-violent direct action in order to reach the hearts of those most able to make real systemic change on an international level.


This year COP25 was originally set to be in Chile, due to the mass civil unrest it has been relocated to Europe at very short notice. This is a chance to show international solidarity, for both our Chilean and Spanish rebels by coming together as one united front in a very critical moment in history. We need as many rebels as possible to join us in Madrid and stand up with us as an international movement to urge global leaders to ACT NOW.

Next year COP26 will be heading to Glassgow in Scotland, lets remind the the worlds leaders and global corporations that we demand in the name of climate justice, emergency action now and that we will continue to esculate our actions globally over the next 12 months until we see our international demands met.


In addition to 'Paint the Streets', civil disobedience and beautiful creative actions such as 'The Dead Sea March' planned through out the two weeks starting on 1st - 13th December , you can also expect the 'Social Summit for Climate' involving over 150 grass roots organisations including XR. This will run independently to the COP from 7th-13th of December (for more info). (To participate in this program applications must be sent by Nov 26th). On December 6th we will join Fridays For Futures along with many more organisations for a very large protest across the city.


XR Madrid look to provide food in our belly's with a roof over our heads to sleep at night in a safe communal space, so that we can hit the streets in the day time with actions. Food and accommodation will also be provided at the Social Summit for Climate location inside a University. Please apply here to let them know you'd like a space at the Social Summit and let us know on this form if you would like accomodation in the rebel sanctuary from November 30th. Please note if your coming in the first week then the rebel sanctuary is the only choice and also includes food and will be a great social place to connect with our international rebel family.


We are encouraging everyone to think outside the box on how they travel to Madrid. Inspired by Greta Thunberg currently sailing across the ocean from Chile to Madrid for the COP, we invite you to be creative with your travel plans and share your journey's with everyone online with the hash tag #ULTIMATUMCOP25. We are also researching coach hire options to make it as accessable for as many people as possible who wish to join, but don't have the financel means to travel.


For legal advice we recommend you speak with your local XR legal team and also check online/embassies to see how participating in actions in Spain might effect you. During the October rebellion in Spain, only three arrest's were made, most rebels may receive fines ranging from 50-3k euro's but only one has to date.


If you live to far away to travel, we encourage local similar actions around the world in solidarity with Rebels Beyond Borders. Read some idea's here on how you might like to participate in actions in your home country.


Help us by letting everyone know your going by sharing on social media here.


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