Help Save Our Democracy!

Help empower voters in communities of color in voter suppression states!

Reclaim Our Vote, a non-partisan phone bank, post carding and textbanking campaign created by the Center For Common Ground, focuses on contacting voters of color in voter-suppression states to help them register and vote.  

Partners are NAACP, Rapid Resist, Black Voters Matter, Virginia Poor People’s Campaign, DemLabs, Mi Familia Vota, Progressive Coders Network, and VoteRiders.

Over the past few decades, voter suppression and voter list purging have stealthily disenfranchised millions of citizens. Black Voters Matter and the Reclaim Our Vote project made 253,000 phone calls last fall, including 185,000 calls to Georgia (with Black Voters Matter), 29,000 calls to Mississippi, 19,000 calls to Virginia, and 5,000 calls to Texas. Canvassing teams on the ground followed up with those who could not be reached by phone.

In 2019 the focus includes special elections for vacant Congressional seats in North Carolina districts NC-03 and NC-09, Virginia (which has elections in November 2019), Texas, Arizona, and other states.  And we are also gearing up for 2020!

Center for Common Ground is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Reclaim our Vote is a non-partisan campaign

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