Business leaders: add your name in support of redistricting reform

Business support is vital in communicating to PA lawmakers the need for redistricting reform. Please read and add your name, then share with your own legislators and local Chambers of Commerce.

Dear PA legislators:

Redistricting reform is essential for a healthy PA economy.

Business is harmed by the growing partisan polarization that yields continued under-investment in essential infrastructure and an increasingly unstable and unpredictable regulatory framework. Businesses serve all stripes of the American public. We don’t just sell to Republicans or Democrats. Our clients, customers and employees all need the same thing: a government able to solve problems, follow best practices and provide the critical functions that support our economy, our communities and all members of the public.

Our current partisan redistricting process has resulted in gerrymandered districts that protect incumbents and lock in party advantage. As a result, challenges to incumbents are from the far right or left, with legislators willing to collaborate and compromise most often at risk. We would all be better served by a redistricting process that incentivizes collaboration and a legislature that works for the large majority of people in the middle.  

For decades, legislators from both parties have introduced bills to ensure transparency, public input and clear, enforceable redistricting criteria. Those bills have never been given a final vote. It’s time to change that. LACRA, the Legislative and Congressional Redistricting Act, HB 22 / SB 222, would put clear guidelines in place and restore trust in the process. It has strong public support and bipartisan backing in both the PA senate and house. PA can’t afford another decade of increasing partisan acrimony and It’s time to give LACRA a vote.  

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