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Voter Assemblies empower citizens to speak out against these unjust election practices and to push for the necessary changes to stop election fraud. These assemblies will allow people to sidestep the mainstream media's blackout on election integrity issues and connect with others in our communities who share the same concerns about fair and just elections.

This election is being threatened by racist and ageist voter intimidation, unverifiable voting machines, voter ID laws that disenfranchise millions of eligible voters, restrictive election laws for third party candidates and voters who wish to vote early, as well as many other forms of voter suppression that we are likely to witness on and before November 8. Each Voter Assembly provides a place for voters to share information about their voting experience, so we can get an unbiased picture of what occurs on Election Day.

If your Voter Assembly concludes there was significant voter suppression or election fraud that could have swayed an election outcome, it is important to collect data and support for action!
Register your Voter Assembly and stay connected with the No More Stolen Elections! coalition!  

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