Register your Affinity Group for October

Register your Affinity Group for October

Welcome fellow rebel! Please note that we are gathering this information to ensure that all sites have the necessary resources for the October rebellion. Your data will be passed to the Affinity Group Support Network (AGSN) and the Rebellion Support Office (RSO) who will in turn pass on relevant details to the Affinity Group Points (AGPs) for each of the sites. Note that this information will be retained and used by the AGSN after the rebellion to provide ongoing support to AGs.

Please only fill in this form if:

    1. You are the General Coordinator of your AG (or main point of contact), and

    2. Your AG is coming to London for the October Rebellion*

    * We are aware that some AGs have merged to form temporary AGs in order to bolster numbers for London. If this is the case for you, please enter details for the new Affinity Group and list the names of the old or dormant AGs in the ‘Comments’ box.  

In order to hold the sites the AGPs will need to rota the available AGs onto road blocks. To do this we need we need to know how many rebels will be available and when. After you have completed this form you will be given access to a ‘rebel calendar’ spreadsheet that allows you to show your availability. PLEASE FILL THIS IN!! Approximate numbers are fine and you can update it at any time! Thanks!!

October Site Affiliation

Affiliating your AG with a site: Most sites are being formed using geographical groupings, such as ‘North England’ or ‘Bristol and Wales’. Other site affiliations are being formed around communities, such as ‘XR Faith’ or ‘XR Youth’. Please choose a site or community affiliation, as preferred. If you’re unsure DON’T WORRY, make your best guess. You will be able to update/change this by speaking to members of the AGSN (who should be contacting you in the next few days)

Affinity Group Character
It’s very useful for the AGSN and the site AGPs to have information on the character of your Affinity Group. This can help with creating rotas, organising actions and creating links between your AG and others. It brings the human element into our coordination and support efforts.

In certain situations it may make sense to team up AGs into ‘supergroups’. If there are any AGs you know who you would prefer to team up with, please let us know.

Thank you for filling out this form! You will be contacted by a member of the AG Support Network who will help troubleshoot any problems or concerns you may have and to give you access to your ‘rebellion calendar’. The rebellion calendar is a way of recording the availability of your rebels, helping us to create fair and effective rotas. With love and rage!

For help and queries please contact

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