Request a Scholarship Ticket for Preventing Gender Fender Benders


You don’t want to be rude and you want a little help!

Transgender and gender non­conforming people are among our colleagues, our social circles, and the audiences we work with. Creating an inclusive environment takes expertise and effort, and Practice Makes Progress is here to help.

You have good intentions. Here’s a space where you can ask questions that might feel awkward and learn how to make good on your intentions, so that the ways you treat others gives them the dignity and respect that you intend. This is way more than learning some new vocabulary -- we’ll give you the context you need to navigate what might feel like a big change in what gender means.

You’ll learn a lot in this short workshop! Here’s a partial list of the concrete skills you’ll come away with:

  • How to show respect and comfort with people whose experience of gender differs from your own
  • How to ask someone what their pronouns are
  • How to apologize and recover from making a mistake such as misgendering
  • How to identify and challenge cissexism in your workplace and other parts of your life
  • How to continue learning about the complexities of gender without unfairly asking trans people for emotional labor

Preventing Gender Fender Benders is a $200 value. We offer tickets on a sliding scale in order to compensate our team for their expertise and effort and at the same time make this learning accessible to as many people as possible, and we offer free tickets to individuals with annual income under $30,000.

Fill out the short form to the right to request a free ticket to an upcoming session of Preventing Gender Fender Benders!

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Jill Raney
Washington, District of Columbia