Seeking Endorsements for New Hope, NY 2019 Budget Plan

We are seeking your endorsement of the New Hope, New York State Budget Plan for the 2019 legislative session. As so many of us advocate for the needs of our constituents in the budget process, we believe that there are some fundamentals that must be changed in how we do budgeting in New York. Often shrinking revenue combined with corresponding budget cuts leaves us competing with one another for a shrinking pie. We are also concerned that renters, working class and middle class homeowners, and tax burdened communities end up subsidizing the extremely rich with tax and rent increases while experiencing cuts in needed services. This is a problem which affects virtually every type of community in all parts of the state. The poor, immigrants, and people of color often bear the heaviest burden making disproportionate contributions to the wealthiest by working for low wages and accepting diminished benefits. Rural, exurban, suburban, and urban communities and in every part of the state are burdened. We think people from all political parties have good ideas which could make our budget and taxation system more just and fair for all New Yorkers.

Please review the New Hope NYS Budget Principles Executive Summary here

If you are willing to endorse this Executive Summary document, please complete this form.

Be sure to indicate if you are signing as an individual or if your organization is endorsing this plan. You may also click here to see the periodically updated list of endorsers.

For the Executive Summary and Full Proposal Background information, please visit this link.

We are also asking you to list your New York State Senator, please visit this link to complete that portion of the form.

You are welcome to contact Michael Kink, or 518-527-2787; Ron Deutsch, or 518-469-6769; Peter Cook, or 508-380-8289; or Mark Hannay at or 917-318-5008 to discuss.

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