SEIU Local 221 Member Political Power Team Pledge

The political power of SEIU members will permanently transform the county in 2020. With the election of Nathan Fletcher (BOS4) and Measure D in 2018, we are two seats away from a pro-worker majority. Greg Cox is term-limited out of District 1, and we will have strong advocate in that district. Our path to victory means defeating Trump-Republican Kristin Gaspar by electing Terra Lawson-Remer for San Diego County Board of Supervisors - District 3. We are also working to pass the California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act, a proposed initiative for the November 2020 ballot. This will create the foundation to prepare for and win a strong contract in 2021-2022.

Check the status of your voter registration, view a copy of your official ballot voter information pamphlet and find your polling location by clicking here.

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