September 2023 Newsletter

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We are at the beginning of September, which means a return to school and the Labour Day long weekend. With the CNE in full swing, families are savoring the days left before the new school year.

With Labour day upon us, Monday September 4th, Don’t miss the chance to march beside Jagmeet Singh, Marit Stiles, and fellow New Democrats as we celebrate Labour Day in style. For Parade meet information and to RSVP please follow this link.

WHEN: September 4, departure at 9:30 AM sharp

WHERE: NDP contingent will meet at Queen & Simcoe at 9:15 AM

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Mimico Creek Spill

Last month, a corporation called Brenntag Chemicals spilled dangerous chemicals into the Mimico Creek following a fire at a processing facility in North Etobicoke on August 11th, 2023.

Chemical residues have been visible along the river and its wildlife for weeks.

Your Etobicoke -Lakeshore NDP riding Association has written an open letter to our riding MPP Christine Hogarth, regarding the environmental contamination in the riding.

We are worried about the devastation to wildlife and lack of transparency from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. MPP Hogarth has a clear opportunity to stand up for our community by intervening and urging the ministry to conduct a public investigation. Brenntag Chemicals must be mandated to release data, provide a cleanup timeline. You can read our letter here.

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We want to thank Ontario NDP MPPs Bhutila Karpoche, Peter Tabuns, and Sandy Shawfor writing a letter earlier in August calling for transparency from the Ford government. NDP MPPs have being doing more to stand up for our community than our own MPP!

Greenbelt Updates

This week, we learned of another damning piece of the puzzle in the Ford government’s disturbing pattern of corruption. We learned that Steve Clark has been found to have breached two sections of the Member’s Integrity Act – an important code of ethics that all government members agree to follow when Ontarians trust us with public office.

With each new piece of information, we’re seeing how far up this corruption goes. Ontarians deserve nothing less than full accountability from this Minister who used his public position to benefit select few ultra-wealthy developers. Ford must demand his resignation instead of protecting his minister.

The size of this scandal is outrageous. This Minister clearly broke the law with his involvement in these dirty deals.

Ontarians deserve so much better than fake apologies. His words are meaningless without any action to back them up. Ford must step up, show some leadership, and kick Clark out of cabinet. Then get us all back in the Legislature so we can restore all of these lands back to the Greenbelt.

Background and Quick Facts:

Public Pressure is Working

While Ford refuses to listen to Ontarians, common sense, or even the Integrity Commissioner, his team is clearly worried and potentially beginning to buckle.This week the government began to return two parcels of land to the Greenbelt after its owners’ listed the land as being for sale. This is not nearly enough to undue the mess he made, but coming from a Premier who refuses to fire a blatantly corrupt cabinet Minister, it shows how deeply anxious Ford’s team is right now.

To help keep up public pressure, the Ontario NDP launched a new website that I invite you to share with your networks ⁠—  

Keeping Trans Kids Safe in Ontario

Tweet by Kristyn Wong-Tam, the Ontario NDP’s 2SLGBTQI+ Critic

Earlier this week, Ford’s Education Minister Stephen Lecce refused to commit to keeping Trans students safe at school. He was asked if Ontario would bring forward legislation that could force education workers to out Trans and non-binary students without their permission that could put students at further risk — even when their parents are anti-Trans.

According to the Trans Pulse Health Survey, 35% of Trans Ontarians have seriously considered suicide in the last year, and 11.2% have attempted suicide. Social support — in places like schools — reduces that risk and keeps Trans students safe. We must recognize that in the schools and at homes, the safety of children and youth must come first - above all else. Minister Lecce is not better informed about the safety of home environments than the students navigating them in real time.

This week, Leader Marit Stiles, Education Critic Chandra Pasma and Kristyn Wong-Tam released a statement condemning Lecce for picking on Trans kids. Here is the NDP’s statement.

Ontario’s NDP will do everything to fight anti-Trans legislation if the Ford government chooses to bring harmful new bills forward. New Democrats have already tabled legislation to expand Gender Affirming Health Care and create 2SLGBTQI+ Safety Zones in the last year.

Hot Labour Summer

2023 has been a ‘Hot Labour Summer’ (to use a term circulating on social media) with many strikes and wins by workers united for fairness.

This week, Unifor announced that Metro workers’ strike has ended with an agreement that secures historic wins for frontline workers. Congratulations Metro workers!

In additional good news, USW announced this week that a second Starbucks in Ontario has successfully voted to unionize!

Finally, Stay safe and enjoy the last few days of summer, and we’ll be back with your next newsletter soon.

Your Etobicoke-Lakeshore NDP riding association.