Shout-out for XR Working Class Team

Shout-out for XR Working Class team!

We’ve taken on-board the criticism that we appear to be largely a middle-class movement and we want to change that. We are looking for people from working-class backgrounds to join our existing XR Working Class team to bring new know-how and strength to the movement.

We’re hoping to connect with communities we may have failed to welcome into XR until now. We will run talks, support new and existing groups and develop anything else you think we should be working on, especially in poorer and rural areas as these are often hit first and hardest by the Climate Crisis.

Several local groups around the UK are already doing this work so it’s time to develop the UK-wide support network. To do that, we are going   online to get through the Coronavirus together and plan for afterwards.

Complete this form to join our UK-wide online ‘Welcome Session’ which is an informal online meeting to say hello and learn more about the team. (If XR UK already have your details just click "Add your Name")

We welcome anyone whether you can give 1 hour or 40 hours a week of your time! Please note we are working on trying to provide funding  for people who are able to commit to full-time involvement, however, we can’t currently guarantee this.
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