Show Up for Global Reproductive Rights. Tell Congress: Pass the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act!

For half a century, the Helms Amendment has imposed significant barriers to reproductive healthcare worldwide. Today, 35 million people undergo unsafe abortions each year, with millions facing injuries and long term disabilities as a result. The Helms Amendment makes matters worse by limiting access to secure, legal abortion; withholding vital equipment and training from healthcare providers; and suppressing crucial health information.

This policy is a stark and sad reminder of the disastrous ways U.S. foreign policy negatively impacts peoples’ lives across the globe. Simply doing away with the Helms Amendment could lead to a reduction of 19 million unsafe abortions and 17,000 maternal deaths per year.

Luckily, legislation was just introduced that would do just that. The Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act could save countless lives by repealing Helms and ensuring access to safe abortion services for people across the globe.

In our fight to repeal the Helms Amendment and uphold reproductive rights across the globe, your voice plays a pivotal role. Let Congress know that the moment for action is now.

Add your name to tell Congress: Pass the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act and create a lasting, positive impact in the lives of millions of people around the world!

To members of the 118th Congress:

By passing the Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act and repealing the Helms Amendment, Congress can demonstrate its commitment to defending human rights both domestically and abroad. I urge you to support this crucial legislation and work towards a future where reproductive rights are protected for all, regardless of their location.