Sign the petition to U.S. Governors and state election officials: You must keep counting EVERY vote


Voting rights are the foundation of our democratic process, and counting every vote is key to our democracy. People vote, every vote is counted, and then the candidates who win represent us.

Voters determine elections. Every eligible voter who cast a ballot this election has the inalienable right to be heard -- whether that ballot was cast in person or by mail.

More people voted by mail than ever leading up to Election Day. That means it’s taken longer to count all the votes and certify a winner for the election — and that’s okay. What’s wrong is the possibility of some people’s votes being thrown out. Election officials must take the time needed to ensure every vote is counted accurately. Governors must ensure those election officials have the resources they need to do their democratic duty.

And now, Georgia's Secretary of State has announced that Georgia will recount presidential election ballots by hand. It is imperative that every single is included in the recount.

On Nov. 1, Republican politicians and conservative activists tried to throw out over 127,000 early ballots cast via drive-through locations in Harris County, TX. The all-Republican Texas Supreme Court and U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen rejected their case of blatant voter suppression.

On Nov. 2, the Trump reelection campaign and state Republican officials tried to stop mail-in ballot counting in Clark County, NV, where 70% of all voters reside. A Nevada judge rejected their lawsuit which included installing cameras to “monitor” the ballot counting process.

These legal schemes to invalidate ballots from eligible voters are tactics that undermine our democratic elections. There will be other efforts to disrupt or bypass a complete count of all votes.

We’re calling on all governors and election officials continue to ensure that ALL eligible votes -- every early vote, mail-in ballot, provisional ballot and Election Day vote -- are counted.

Biden is now the President-elect, yet Trump refuses to recognize this election as legitimate. We must continue to make sure every vote is counted even after the election was called for Biden.

We must demand our leaders do their job: America is watching. With our democracy on the line, we’re counting on you to ensure the U.S. election is fair and accurate.

Sign the petition: Every vote must be counted!

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