Sign now: Denounce the Trump administration for reversing ban on importing elephant trophies

The Trump administration will now allow hunters to import trophies of elephants killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia back to the United States.

This egregious decision from the Interior Department reverses the trophy import ban implemented by the Obama administration in 2014. Trump will do anything he can to undo the work Obama did in office — even if it comes at the expense of endangered species.

Zimbabwe claims that sport hunting “benefits” elephant conversation. The Trump administration’s new regulations would allow for the import of elephant parts collected there. (Cecil the lion was also killed by a trophy hunter in Zimbabwe.)

Elephant trophy imports will also be allowed from Zambia, where the elephant population has decreased from over 200,000 elephants in 1972 to just 21,000 in 2016.

Trophy hunting is unbearably cruel, and allowing imports of elephant trophies to the United States is a horrifying tragedy.

Sign now to denounce the Trump administration for reversing the ban on importing elephant trophies.

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