Sign now: Frontline communities, not fossil fuel corporations, should be part of climate policymaking

To: the U.S. government and the leaders of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

We can’t let the fossil fuel industry keep writing our laws.

For years, corporate polluters have delayed meaningful action to address the crisis they’ve caused. And we’re seeing that now clearer than ever.

In a recent historic U.S. House Oversight Committee hearing, executives from Shell, BP, Chevron, and Exxon all refused to stop lobbying against efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

And if fossil fuel lobbyists at the 2021 international UN climate negotiations were a country, they’d make up the largest delegation there. They outnumbered delegations from the 8 countries most affected by climate change, and were twice the size of the conference’s Indigenous constituency.

While Indigenous attendees and other frontline communities were shut out from decision-making spaces, big polluters were actively weakening the climate deal.

Meanwhile, fossil fuel lobbyists co-wrote the recently-passed U.S. infrastructure bill, which included tens of billions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies and gutted the environmental regulations that are supposed to protect us from corporate polluters.

All of this will lead to more disproportionate pollution and climate risk in Indigenous, Black, and brown communities—which for too long have been treated as sacrifice zones and dumping grounds. We cannot wait any longer for meaningful change.

Sign if you agree: People at the frontlines of the climate crisis must be included in climate policymaking, not the corporate polluters who’ve been causing the crisis!