Sign Now: Hold Kyrsten Sinema Accountable!

After the Protecting the Right to Organize, or PRO, Act passed in the House this past March, all eyes have been on the Senate to do the same. The legislation would strengthen workers’ rights to unionize, and is fully supported by President Biden himself.

In theory, passing this shouldn’t be a difficult feat. But Senator Kyrsten Sinema is holding us back.

She’s the only Senate Democrat who opposes the PRO Act — and while she rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars from anti-worker corporations like multi-level marketing schemes, she refuses to support the legislation.

We are currently in the midst of a historic moment in the labor movement, and we cannot let Senator Sinema stand in the way of progress. We’re here to hold her accountable to Arizonans, and we hope you’ll join us today. Will you add your name?

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