SIGN NOW: Red Lobster should offer paid sick leave to its employees!

Send a message to Red Lobster: Tell them you don’t want your Cheddar Bay Biscuits served with a side of COVID. Red Lobster must offer paid sick leave immediately!

In fall of 2021, 63% of Red Lobster workers who reported being ill said they had worked sick. During that same time frame, Red Lobster’s parent company reported $190 million in quarterly profits!

Corporate greed is no reason to spread a virus that has already killed more than 800 thousand Americans. But Red Lobster’s policies encourage exactly that, by forcing employees to choose between working sick and paying the bills.

Tell Red Lobster: Forcing employees to work sick harms your workers, your customers, and our society -- especially during a pandemic. Do your part to put the pandemic behind us by offering paid sick leave to your employees immediately!

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Washington, DC