SIGN NOW: Stop Congressional Insider Trading

This week, Rand Paul belatedly disclosed that his wife invested heavily in Gilead last February―just after Sen. Paul received a private briefing about the coming pandemic. Gilead is a pharmaceutical corporation that makes remdesivir, the therapeutic that was given to Donald Trump when he got COVID.

This is the same behavior that became a major scandal for Senators Kelly Loeffler and Richard Burr last year―but we only knew about it because Loeffler and Burr complied with the STOCK Act. Rand Paul illegally failed to disclose his trades, and deserves to pay the price at the ballot box.

The American people deserve better. Members of Congress should not be able to buy and sell individual stock. SIGN NOW to demand that Congress pass the Ban Conflicted Trading Act today!

Members of Congress are specifically exempted themselves from insider trading laws, and the past few years have seen a litany of unethical but technical legal trading from members of Congress and their families from both parties.

We deserve members of Congress who are there for public service, not profiteer. Members of Congress make a good salary―more than twice the median family income in this country. The ability to trade on classified and confidential knowledge of upcoming events or regulations corrupts. We need to end it.

SIGN NOW: Congress must end its own corruption by passing the Ban Conflicted Trading Act today!

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