SIGN ON: Stop Cop City!

Atlanta’s City Council voted to approve an additional $37 million in funding for the Atlanta Police Foundation’s Cop City, the largest police training center in the country, where police can practice urban warfare, tear gas, bombs, and social movement suppression tactics that further target Black and other oppressed communities. Now they’re going to use Jim Crow-style tactics to overturn the will of Atlanta voters and keep the project going.

They are using a segregationist voter suppression tactic called "signature matching" that is overwhelmingly discriminatory against Black voters and other voters of color, older voters, first-time voters, returning citizen voters, and voters with disabilities.

For months, activists have been protesting against the construction of this militaristic police training institution and the people of Atlanta deserve a fair chance at casting their ballots in a referendum.

Atlanta City Council needs to restore trust with voters by accepting the good faith collected signatures immediately. Sign the petition and demand transparency and accountability from the Atlanta City Council on Cop City! >>