Sign on to Marked By COVID's Five R plan to combat COVID

Marked By COVID's "Five R" policy platform lays out a comprehensive short and long-term pandemic response and prevention plan that we intend to implement with elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels.


Immediately implement actions to control the spread of the virus, develop and equitably deploy safe and scientifically sound treatments and vaccines, and mitigate immediate financial hardship caused by the pandemic.


Rebuild the economy in an equitable, inclusive way that ensures financial security and an adequate standard of living for all people in the U.S., and rebuild trust in our scientific institutions.


Provide reparations to victims and families of victims of COVID-19 for the willful negligence of our elected officials, and repay essential workers for their service and sacrifice during the pandemic.


Prevent and build capacity to fight future pandemics, address health and economic inequities, and ensure universal access to high quality, affordable health care.


Create space and forums for mourning and remembrance, impart to future generations the unvarnished truth about what happened and who is accountable.

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