Sign On to Support Workers at SunSteel LLC!


On June 16, workers at SunSteel LLC, a structural steel fabricator in Sunnyside, Washington, filed a petition to hold a union election. Sunsteel LLC employees helped build one of the best, most modern shops on the West Coast, and their work can be seen all over the Pacific Northwest, California, and Western Canada, in healthcare facilities and hospitals, public schools, power plants, sports arenas, airports, and all the structures that keep our communities connected, supported, and working.

These workers are now seeking to exercise their right to organize and address workplace issues such as safety, health care, and a fair wage so they can build better lives for their families and communities. Unfortunately, instead of remaining neutral and allowing employees a fair process to decide on unionization, management at SunSteel LLC has been using tactics that can persuade workers into voting for what the company wants instead of letting workers make the decision for themselves.

It's important now that the dedicated workers at SunSteel LLC know members of the public and elected officials have their backs. Sign on to send SunSteel employees a message of support in their struggle and to urge SunSteel LLC management to remain neutral.

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