Sign the petition and become a citizen co-sponsor of The Judiciary Act of 2021

The Supreme Court is supposed to be the last line of defense against attacks on our fundamental rights as Americans. But today’s Court does not honor that solemn duty, instead, it has routinely sided with corporate interests and Republican Party donors over working families. This Court’s hyper-partisan right-wing majority has led the attack on free and fair elections by gutting the Voting Rights Act, inviting a torrent of dark money into our electoral process, and blessing partisan gerrymandering.

The Supreme Court did not get this way by accident — Republicans have spent decades working to take over our judiciary, with the goal of cementing their minoritarian rule.

Republicans broke all norms when they stole the Supreme Court — twice — giving themselves a 6-3 supermajority that is completely out of step with the majority of Americans. Adding seats to the Supreme Court is the only practical, proportional response to Republicans’ theft of this institution and the only way to restore its balance and integrity.

Today we can meet this crisis thanks to the introduction of The Judiciary Act of 2021 by Senator Ed Markey and Representatives Hank Johnson, Jerrold Nadler, and Mondaire Jones. This bill would add 4 seats to the Supreme Court – immediately unpacking the stolen Court. We need to send a message that this bill is crucial to helping us restore our democracy, and it will finally allow us to tackle urgent national challenges like climate change, racial justice, voting rights, access to health care, and more.

Sign the petition to join Daily Kos, Take Back the Court, Rep. Jones and several of his colleagues, as well as over 50 organizations nationwide in support of reversing the Republican theft of the Supreme Court by adding 4 more Justices.

Participating Organizations:
Ayanna Pressley for Congress
Brave New Films
Center for Popular Democracy Action
Climate Hawks Vote
Crazy Eight PAC
Daily Kos
Demand Justice
Demand Progress
Equality PAC
Fight For Progress PAC
Ilhan for Congress
Iron PAC
Jamaal Bowman
Just Democracy
Mainers for Accountable Leadership
Medicare For All
Mondaire for Congress
People's Parity Project
Progress America
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Progressive Reform Network
Rashida Tlaib for Congress
Senator Ed Markey
Take Back the Court Action Fund
The Juggernaut Project
Truth and Conciliation Commission