Sign the petition: Break down barriers to abortion. Support the Abortion Justice Act.

In the fallout of the Dobbs decision, getting abortion care is increasingly difficult, as anti-abortion politicians continue to enact laws that ban all or most abortions in many states and extremists push for a national ban on medication abortion care.

These bans disproportionately impact people who already face significant systemic barriers to care, including people working to make ends meet, immigrants, young people, and people of color.

Even when abortion was legal nationwide, insurmountable restrictions — including insurance coverage bans, bans on medication abortion, and inhumane policies that target immigrants —denied people abortion care. Now, this dire situation is even worse.

We need to guarantee the legal right to abortion and ensure that everyone can get abortion care without politicians creating barriers.

The Abortion Justice Act is bold legislation that would address access to abortion care and ensure it is affordable and available without stigma, shame, or systemic barriers for all who seek it. The bill would protect patients, including immigrants, and providers from criminalization; remove systemic barriers to care; ensure abortion care is covered by insurance; and call for necessary federal investments in abortion care, including training, research, outreach, doula care, innovation, and access.

The realities of getting abortion care demand bold solutions for lasting change.

We need abortion justice now.

Sign the petition: We are done compromising and settling for crumbs from politicians and the courts. Let's ensure people can get abortion care and have the freedom to control their own bodies, lives, and futures. Support the Abortion Justice Act.

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