Sign the petition: Congress and Biden MUST step up for our freedom to vote NOW

Our freedom to vote is currently under attack -- 361 voter suppression bills have been introduced in 47 states this year. GOP politicians are working overtime to ensure voters are disenfranchised, especially BIPOC voters.

Before and after the 2020 election, Donald Trump outright lied about the free and fair election that unseated him. And now we’re facing an avalanche of voter suppression that we haven’t seen since Jim Crow. Immediately following the election, Republican state lawmakers began introducing these bills to blatantly suppress our freedom to vote.

We are working overtime to continue to protect our inalienable right, but this is a hard fought battle. In Texas, Democrats defeated a Republican effort to pass new voting restrictions, and they have a message for President Biden Congress: “If we can protect voting rights, you can, too”.

We refuse to sit by and allow our freedom to vote to be attacked and we must demand Biden and Congress fight for our rights!

We are close to passing once-in-a-generation landmark legislation to protect the freedom to vote and secure our democracy including the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the For the People Act. These bills would reinstate a requirement that state legislatures get approval from the Department of Justice to change election laws that limit voting rights, strengthen voting rights and access, enhance campaign finance reform, and address government ethics to root out corruption in politics.

This is how we fight back against voter suppression and ensure everyone has access to vote!

But the final step -- passing these bills in the U.S. Senate -- is being blocked by Republicans’ abuse of the legislative filibuster, an arcane Senate procedure that was created by accident and has historically most often been used to block progress on civil rights, and pushback from some Democrats who cannot continue to ignore the siege on our voting rights.

Congress and Biden now must work to do everything they can to ensure our freedom to vote is protected and voter suppression is eliminated. As we face unprecedented attacks, it is up to them to step up NOW!

Sign the petition: Biden and Congress must prioritize our freedom to vote and do everything they can to fight voter suppression NOW!

Participating Organizations:
California Clean Money Action Fund
Citizen Action of New York
Coalition on Human Needs
Consumers United for Fairness
Daily Kos
Demand Progress
Fix Democracy First
Free Speech For People
The Juggernaut Project
National Association of Social Workers
One Country Project
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