Sign the petition: Demand Congress and Biden Demilitarize The Police

In the months following George Floyd’s murder in May 2020, Americans watched in alarm as local and state law enforcement deployed military vehicles to patrol US streets and militarized police officers resulting in the use of excessive force against peaceful protesters.

Police departments across the country utilize surplus weapons, vehicles, and other equipment from the U.S. military to clamp down on community protests.

Research has shown that outfitting police in military-style armor and weaponry can alter their mentality towards civilians, causing them to see community members as enemy combatants and act accordingly. Militarized policing erodes public trust in law enforcement.

This must be stopped.

Police departments receive surplus military equipment through an obscure Pentagon program -- called the “1033 Program,” which has enabled the transfer of more than $7.4 billion in surplus military equipment to more than 8,000 law enforcement agencies around the country.

We’re calling on President Biden and Congress to act and demilitarize our communities NOW.

Biden campaigned on demilitarizing the police, and pledged to sign an Executive Order that would do just that. But now, he is caving to pressure from police unions. We must apply pressure of our own and demand that he follow through with his promise.

But this will not be enough. We must also insist Congress enact permanent legislation to demilitarize the police by putting an end to this free-for-all and prohibit the transfer of surplus military equipment to law enforcement.

We must call on President Biden and Congress to immediately act to demilitarize the police through an Executive Order and by legislative action to end the transfer of military grade weapons onto our streets through the 1033 Program.

Sign the petition: Biden and Congress must act NOW to demilitarize the police.

Participating Organizations:
Beyond the Bomb
Civic Shout
Common Defense
Daily Kos
Hip Hop Caucus
Massachusetts Peace Action
The Nation Magazine
Progress America

Endorsing Organizations:
Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC)
Oxfam America
Women's Action for New Directions