Sign the petition: Demand President Biden and Congress pass the Judiciary Act of 2021 to Expand the Supreme Court

President Biden’s White House formed and launched a commission to probe arguments for and against reforming the Supreme Court. You see, in the era of Trump, Supreme Court seats were stolen from the American people, and what we were left with was a partisan, non judicial panel.

After 7 months of meetings and deliberation, the White House Commission released its final report, and it’s a total disappointment. The report downplays the threat of this Court, uncritically repeats right-wing messaging, and fails to advocate for the reforms necessary to save our democracy.

What's worse: While the Commission spent months writing a research paper, the conservative justices didn't waste any time on their quest to dismantle our democracy. In the time since the Commission was formed, the stolen Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, effectively overturned Roe v. Wade in Texas, blocked President Biden’s eviction moratorium, reinstated Donald Trump’s cruel ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, curtailed workers’ rights to organize, and eroded government transparency by ruling in favor of a Koch-backed dark money group.

These judges are nothing more than right-wing politicians in robes — and the American people know that. Recent polls show the Supreme Court is the most unpopular it’s been in decades, and a majority of Americans no longer believe the justices are deciding cases on the merits. The Court derives its legitimacy from the people, and it’s clear that the American people no longer believe this stolen Court is legitimate.

We didn’t have to wait 7 months for this Commission to tell us what we already know: our current Supreme Court is an existential threat to our rights and every progressive priority on the Biden agenda. This report fails to meet the moment we’re in, but we know what will: adding 4 seats to the Court by passing the Judiciary Act of 2021. This is the only practical, proportional response to Republicans’ theft of the Court and the only way to restore its balance and integrity. The American people delivered Democrats the House, Senate, and White House — it’s time they delivered the reforms necessary to protect our rights and our democracy.

Sign the petition to join advocates and activists across the country to demand Congress and the Biden Administration pass the Judiciary Act and add 4 more justices to the Supreme Court NOW.

Participating Organizations:
All* Above All
Brave New Films
Center for Popular Democracy Action
Civic Shout
Climate Hawks Vote
Daily Kos
Demand Justice
Demand Progress
Free Speech For People
Friends of the Earth Action
The Juggernaut Project
Left Action
OD Action
Primary Sinema Project
Progress America
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