Sign the petition: Demand that State Treasurers and public pensions vote for climate justice and Indigenous rights this spring

Shareholder season is the time of year when every publicly-traded company in America has their Annual General Meeting (AGM). At AGMs, investors vote on a variety of proposals introduced by fellow shareholders.

This April and May, investors in Wall Street banks and insurance companies will vote on at least four shareholder proposals related to climate justice and Indigenous rights.

  • A resolution calling for a time-bound phase-out of financing for companies engaged in fossil fuel expansion.

  • A resolution demanding that big banks report on how they respect internationally-recognized human rights standards for Indigenous Peoples.

  • An anti-greenwashing resolution that would push banks to adopt real climate targets.

  • A resolution calling on big banks to publish a comprehensive plan to transition away from fossil fuels.

These votes are some of the most important climate votes that you’ve never heard of. How they pan out will go a long way to determining how quickly big banks and insurance companies wind down their financing for coal, oil, and gas. Shareholders, after all, are literally the people who own the company.

It’s vital that major public pensions ― which collectively own trillions of dollars of shares in big banks and insurance companies ― vote to support these resolutions.

Sign the petition to demand that State Treasurers and public pensions vote YES on critical climate justice and Indigenous rights resolutions this spring.

Here is the petition we will deliver to State Treasurers and public pensions.

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