Sign the petition: Demand the Senate not nominate or confirm any more corporate lobbyists

Corporate executives and lobbyists have a habit of working their way into powerful positions within our government. Such appointees are RIDDLED with conflicts of interest that do not benefit the American people.

Trump’s administration, for example, has appointed 281 lobbyists! That’s four times more than Obama had appointed six years into office. That is completely the OPPOSITE of ‘draining the swamp’. Make no mistake, though Trump obviously favors corporate hacks to benefit the wealthy, this is certainly a bipartisan issue.

That’s why we are demanding our Congressional leaders oppose the confirmation of any nominee to an executive branch position who is currently or has been a lobbyist for any corporate client or officer for a private corporation, in this or any future administration.

Installing corporate chums in the Cabinet and government agencies provides them easy access to undermine protections for everyday American people in favor of giveaways and rollbacks for big business. Appointing corporate lobbyists to political positions is generally backed by the “they have the experience” excuse, but there’s always a question as to where those political appointees’ interests lie.

Corporate appointees give big business the power within our government -- that’s power over our communities and families. This is very concerning, and a vast majority, 76 percent of Americans of all political persuasions, agree.

In October, Congressional progressive leaders, led by Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona, sent a letter to Senate leadership urging opposition to Senate confirmation of corporate lobbyists and C-suite level corporate executives.

We must fight to reduce the power of corporations in our government -- and it starts with rejecting appointees with direct ties to big business. We must hold all administrations to the same anti-corruption standard -- and that starts now!

Sign the petition: No more conflicts of interest that benefit big business! No more corporate appointees!

Participating Organizations:
Rep. Raul Grijalva
Beyond the Bomb
California Clean Money Action Fund
Center for International Policy
Climate Hawks Vote
Daily Kos
Earth Action, Inc.
Friends of the Earth Action
Iron PAC
Jetpac Resource Center
The Juggernaut Project
Livable Communities PAC
People Demanding Action
Progress America
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Progressive Democrats of America
Public Citizen
Organic Consumers Association
Revolving Door Project
Security Policy Reform Institute (SPRI)
Social Security Works
Tax March
U.S. Labor Against Racism and War
Supporting Organizations:
Center for Biological Diversity Action Fund
Center for Constitutional Rights
Common Defense
Justice Democrats
Our Revolution
Sunrise Movement