Sign the petition: End the death penalty

Capital punishment is a flawed, unjust, and outdated practice. Rehabilitation, not punishment, should be the cornerstone of our penal system.

At its core, the death penalty is a discriminatory practice, plagued by systemic biases, inadequate legal representation, and junk science. The likelihood of receiving a death sentence is higher for individuals who are Black, economically disadvantaged, or when the victim is white. Those facing the death penalty often have backgrounds marked by severe trauma, mental health issues, or intellectual disabilities. It fails to serve as a deterrent to crime and does not aid in the healing process for victims.

If re-elected, Donald Trump has proposed expanding the death penalty, including through the reintroduction of banned, archaic execution methods like firing squads.

This is extremely alarming. Justice should not come in the form of state-sponsored executions but in upholding the sanctity of life, even in the face of heinous crimes. If Trump gets his way, it would represent a significant step backward in our nation's journey towards a more humane and just society.

Support for capital punishment is waning, with more states enacting execution moratoriums or abolishing it entirely. Additionally, drug companies are increasingly refusing to allow their products to be used for executions.

The death penalty has no place in a just society. Together, we must prevent a return to inhumane practices and continue our fight for a just and equitable justice system.

Sign the petition: Ban the use of the death penalty.

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