Sign the petition: Fire Louis DeJoy NOW! -- we cannot afford to keep him around

When we say enough is enough, we cannot emphasize it enough: The driving force behind sabotage of the US Postal Service is Trump appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy -- and he’s still running the show!

DeJoy is riddled with major conflicts of interest -- he owns at least a $30 million stake in a company that contracts with the USPS and as much as $100,000 in Amazon stock options. And now he stands to profit EVEN MORE at the USPS’s expense.

DeJoy's former company, the contractor XPO Logistics, will get $120 million over the next five years from the USPS, and DeJoy could net as much as $23.7 million from the company in the next decade, as his family businesses still have four office buildings in North Carolina that they lease to XPO Logistics. That's where DeJoy will get those millions, from lease payments. DeJoy, as the Postmaster General, is continuing to profit as a USPS contractor -- this is a blatant abuse of power.

On top of that, DeJoy continues to destroy the post office from within. In fact, he’s about to implement a new plan that will slow most mail delivery and raise postage rates.

Months into the Biden administration, we can no longer urge, but outright demand action is taken immediately. Biden must do everything within his power, including replacing Ron Bloom on the USPS Board of Governors, to ensure DeJoy’s removal so that we can ensure the survival of one of our greatest institutions.

Sign the petition to President Biden: We demand you immediately do everything within your power to see to the firing of Louis DeJoy and save our USPS.

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