Sign the petition: Heed Obama’s advice. Pledge to fight like hell in 2018.


There’s no getting around it: 2017 has been an incredibly difficult year. Every day, millions of Americans wake up to a new Trump tweet, scandal, or executive order, unsure what horrific policy or statement will come next.

It’s exhausting, but we can’t stop fighting now.

Like President Obama said, we must tend to the garden of democracy, or risk becoming complacent in the face of massive human rights violations at the hands of our government.

It’s absolutely okay to take time to rest — resisting Trump is a marathon, not a sprint. We need to take care of ourselves to continue this fight.

We can do this. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Every state, every district, every street, every block — we must continue to resist everywhere in 2018.

Sign now to pledge to fight like hell in 2018. Let’s tend the garden of democracy.

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