Sign the petition: Include childcare funding in the next COVID relief package


The petition to Congress reads:

"I urge you to include adequate funding for childcare providers in the next COVID relief package."

The COVID-19 crisis has been devastating for children and families across Massachusetts, with countless kids facing financial hardship or mourning the loss of family members and loved ones. It also represents an unprecedented challenge for childcare centers that face the dual challenges of a drastic reduction in the number of children allowed and major increases in safety-related expenses to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Children’s Services of Roxbury is providing over 3,500 homeless children and their parents with shelter and support in moving into permanent homes. We are coaching immigrant and Black women to safely re-open their home-based family childcare businesses. We know firsthand the importance of safe, culturally attuned childcare, both for the children in our care and for the many essential, low-wage working parents who have helped all of us make it through these tough times.

However, the need is tremendous – and families in Massachusetts need more support. That’s why we’re calling on Congress to immediately pass a COVID relief package that includes adequate funding for childcare providers. Can you add your name to our petition now?

Tell Congress: Include childcare funding in the next COVID relief package

This spring, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a plan to give childcare providers the funding and support they need to get through this crisis.1 Congresswoman Katherine Clark (MA-5) is championing a similar bill in the House.2 As Sen. Warren pointed out at the time, “we will not be able to rebuild our economy if this country’s childcare system has collapsed beneath the economic burden of this pandemic.”

Sen. Warren’s plan would support the childcare industry by providing emergency funding to keep childcare available to frontline and essential workers, aid to keep providers in business, and all workers on payroll, and long-term investments to prepare the childcare market for when Americans can get back to work. It’s a smart plan that deserves our support.

The CARES Act, passed by Congress in the spring, provided $3.5 billion in emergency childcare funding. But while that was an important first step, childcare providers need far more support to stay afloat and provide families with the help they need.

Help us ensure that Massachusetts children and families have access to critical services during these unprecedented times. Add your name to our petition now if you agree with Children’s Services of Roxbury that Congress should include adequate funding for childcare providers in the next COVID-19 relief package.


1. Our Plan for a $50 Billion Child Care Bailout
2. Clark Leads Call for $100 Billion Investment in Child Care

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