Sign the petition: It’s time to dissolve the NRA NOW!

Here are the facts: The NRA has been divesting millions of dollars to its CEO, Wayne LaPierre, and other top executives to support their lavish lifestyles for years. They spent the nonprofit's tax-exempt funds on luxury gifts, exotic getaways, and private jets.

When New York officials exposed the NRA's rampant financial misconduct, they tried to flee to gun-friendly Texas, attempting to evade a lawsuit.

Then they tried to gaslight supporters by pretending to "clean up their act." They spent millions in lawyer fees trying to weasel their way out of trouble. But the pervasive self-dealing, greed, and lack of accountability for their corrupt actions continued unabated.

They continue to lobby against all gun regulations because they don't care about the lives lost. They only care about more gun sales, which means more profits.

Their sleazy tactics didn't work.

They tried and failed to loophole their way out of trouble. Now, we are closer than ever to finally ending the NRA for good!

New York just petitioned to have the NRA dissolved AGAIN. And this time, we can't let them run away. We have to act against corruption by supporting the petition.

Enough is enough. The NRA needs to go! Sign the petition: Support dissolving the NRA!

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