Sign the petition: Judge Aileen Cannon must recuse herself from Trump’s case

Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, has been assigned to oversee the case involving Donald Trump's mishandling (a.k.a. stealing) of classified documents. Judge Cannon has already shown her bias over and over, ruling in Trump's favor, causing major trial delays, and raising serious questions about her impartiality.

Previously, she ordered a "special master" to review the classified documents that federal officers had found at Mar-a-Lago. Then, she blocked authorities from using the documents in their investigation while the review was underway. Now, Cannon has canceled the May 20 trial date, postponing it indefinitely. Postponing the trial to a potential post-election date could mean the case may never be heard if Trump wins again in November. Cannon is handing Trump yet another win.

Federal law requires a judge to step away from a case in which impartiality "might reasonably be questioned." Given Judge Cannon's history and previous rulings in Trump's favor, her impartiality reaches that threshold.

Judge Aileen Cannon was appointed by Donald Trump. She's made legal decisions that have been questioned by leading legal minds across the political spectrum. She's been overruled more than twice by a higher court already. She is biased and that is not justice.

This is not a matter of politics; it's a matter of justice. We must all stand for a fair and impartial judicial system regardless of political affiliation. We must demand that those in positions of power are held accountable for their actions. This case is a litmus test for our democracy, and we cannot afford to fail.

Sign the petition: Judge Aileen Cannon must recuse herself from the Trump document’s case.

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