Sign the petition: No, you cannot ignore climate change

There is a concerted effort to ignore, dismiss, and erase climate change by right-wing politicians and Big Fossil Fuel alike. As the largest global threat we face, this is entirely unacceptable.

Recently, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that will remove the requirement for the state to consider climate change when creating energy policy and roll back nearly all references to climate change in state law. This action, which is clearly a move to appease his extremist base, will greatly harm Florida’s adaptive response as a state that is extremely vulnerable to the costly impacts of global warming.

Sitting Republican members of Congress continue to stalwart efforts for meaningful climate change legislation. Delaying and rejecting impactful bills, these elected officials stall efforts we must be taking to combat climate change.

Meanwhile, Big Fossil Fuel is making every effort to ensure climate-denying politicians are elected in 2024. Donald Trump has demanded $1 billion from top oil executives in exchange for passing a laundry list of pro-industry, anti-climate priorities if he is elected. It doesn’t stop with Trump–the fossil fuel industry is making huge donations to GOP candidates who will continue to push for more oil and gas expansion and reject climate mitigation efforts. All the while, Big Fossil Fuel continues to perpetuate lies, as they have done for decades, in order to block impactful policies that will reduce our fossil fuel use and mitigate global warming.

This is very disturbing given the encompassing impact of climate change on the U.S. economy, natural disasters, human health, agriculture… The list goes on and on. We need climate change front and center when considering policies surrounding racial justice, health, energy, the economy, and so much more. We cannot allow climate change to be ignored, dismissed, or erased.

Sign the petition: We will not allow the dismissal or erasure of climate change.

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