Sign the petition: I believe abortion is a human right. We must protect abortion access.

Roe v. Wade may be the law of the land, but right-wing politicians across the country are doing all they can to attack abortion access.

Republican state legislatures continue to pass restrictions on abortion, even when they know they are blatantly unconstitutional. Abortion providers and clinics are violently attacked. Trump and Pence try to restrict abortion rights at every possible chance. Trump even promised to sign off on a 20-week abortion ban if it ever passed Congress—even though such bans are unconstitutional.

Abortion is a safe, normal, necessary medical procedure. It is a human and constitutional right. Opposition to abortion is not grounded in science or fact—only in extremism.

We must remain vigilant. Sign now to say you believe abortion is a human right. We must protect, defend, and expand abortion access now more than ever.

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