Sign the petition: Protect the separation of church and state

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution enshrines the right to the right to practice any religion, or no religion at all. This tenet is critical in maintaining an environment of religious freedom, diversity, and pluralism.

However, recent legislation and court rulings are jeopardizing these fundamental American values. We are witnessing an increasing trend toward promoting certain far-right religious beliefs in public institutions, particularly within our public schools. Examples range from laws requiring the display of religious texts and prayer in classrooms to Supreme Court decisions permitting public funding for religious schools. Enshrining religion in public schools is not only a violation of our constitutional principles but also an insult to the diverse fabric of our society.

Our public institutions, especially our schools, should be spaces that reflect the nation's diversity and inclusivity. They should not be used as platforms to promote one religion over another. Doing so risks alienating and marginalizing those who do not adhere to that faith, fostering division instead of unity.

Many states are considering “religious freedom” bills that would further allow the public to challenge government regulations that interfere with their religious beliefs and thus would make it easier for people to discriminate against others who don’t hold their same beliefs. We've already seen a slew of anti-LGBTQ+ bills from lawmakers vocal about how their religious beliefs have influenced their sponsorship of such legislation, not to mention the religious-right movement to take away abortion rights that have swept our country.

Our nation's strength lies in its diversity and commitment to the freedom of belief and expression. Let us ensure that our laws reflect these values and safeguard the rights of all our citizens.

Sign the petition: Protect the separation of church and state.

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