Sign the petition: Repeal the Hyde Amendment

Stand for women's rights

The petition to Congress reads:
“Repeal the Hyde Amendment today.”

When it comes to access to safe abortions, there are two different realities for American women – those who can afford it and those who can't. For low-income women on Medicaid, the ability to terminate their pregnancy is often more urgent but also financially out of reach.

In most cases, Medicaid helps cover the costs of necessary medical procedures for its recipients, but it doesn't in one specific case — abortion. That's because since 1976, the Hyde Amendment bans federal funds from being used for abortion except for extremely specific instances — when continuing the pregnancy will endanger the patient's life or when the pregnancy results from rape or incest.

That means that for the more than 3 million women on Medicaid and of reproductive age, abortion is out of reach unless they can pay for it themselves, even if the doctor recommends one for the patient's health.

The Hyde Amendment must be repealed. Sign CREDO Mobile’s petition urging Congress to repeal it now.