Sign the petition to DirecTV: Do not cave to Fox’s threats. Say NO to the “Fox Fee”

Right now, Fox and DirecTV are in the middle of a dispute. Fox is demanding a massive rate increase for their carriage fee that, thus far, DirecTV has refused.

The trickle down: Fox is trying to force DirecTV, DirecTV Stream, and U-Verse customers to pay a lot more money for TV. Even if you never watch any Fox channel, your bill will be affected. What’s more, Fox is threatening to turn off sports and other programming for DirecTV customers unless DirecTV – and customers like you – pay the increased “Fox Fee”.

Fox has a history of aggressive and deceptive tactics to increase their rates. Every time they get away with it, fees increase and customers lose.

Join us in demanding DirecTV not cave to Fox’s threats and hold their customers above Fox’s corporate greed. DirecTV has done it before – putting their customers ahead of propaganda and misinformation. They can, and must, do it again.

Sign the petition to DirecTV: Don’t let Fox raise my fee!

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