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"We're tired of getting treated like trash," says Rusty Lewis, a striking warehouse worker at the Nabisco distribution center in Aurora, Colorado. The statement comes as a response to workers across five Nabisco production facilities going on strike to protest a dispute over contracts that would affect 1000 workers across the country.

During the pandemic, Nabisco has profited, with a revenue increase of $26.8 billion in 2020. Yet Nabisco's parent company, Mondelez International, continues to disadvantage laborers fighting for a fair contract.

Show solidarity with Nabisco union staff striking for fair contracts and a well-deserved work-life balance.

The strike began when workers in Oregon walked out after Mondelez International proposed changes to healthcare and scheduling during contract negotiations that would impact Nabisco union workers across the country. After eliminating pension plans in 2018, Mondelez has now come to the table with proposed alternate work schedules of 12-hour days. This proposal would eliminate overtime pay for weekend workers, disrupt family time, and create unpredictability for compensation expectations weekly.

Mondelez has also proposed a new employee benefits program that is inferior to what current union employees receive, a tactic that would create division among the union. This proposal comes after years of concessions made on behalf of Nabisco employees, which have resulted in workers forfeiting wages to avoid premiums.

As is all too common in the food production industry, employees at Nabisco companies across the country are overworked and underpaid, with eighty-hour weeks a frequent occurrence and some employees working every day, 16-hour days during the pandemic. Workers also fear that the company's refusal to concede will result in the closure of more U.S. facilities. Earlier this year, Mondelez International closed two U.S. facilities, impacting 1000 workers.

Tell Mondelez International to meet the demands of Nabisco employees across the country and to keep facilities in the U.S.

As we strategically think about, plan, and implement a path for economic recovery past the pandemic, we must expand the conversation to include workers across the country who have carried the labor of driving our economy forward. These workers, and all people engaged in the labor force, deserve a path towards the middle class. These oppressive systems within businesses have the highest impact on marginalized communities, who work hard and deserve access to upward mobility.

Show support for workers on the front line of this pandemic.

Sign the petition: Tell Nabisco, no contracts, no snacks

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