Sign the petition to President Biden and Senate Democrats: We fought hard to get you elected in order to protect and strengthen democracy. Now, it’s your turn to fight for us!

Our hard-fought freedoms are hanging by a thread. Extremist state legislatures are passing restrictive anti-voting laws across the country –these attacks on our democracy could roll back our right to vote to the Jim Crow era and allow partisan operatives to usurp election administration. And more are likely to come as state legislatures convene in 2022. At the same time, these same lawmakers are drawing partisan maps breaking up the voting power and congressional representation of primarily Black and brown communities.

It’s time to work urgently to protect our freedom to vote and enact national standards for voting by passing the Freedom to Vote Act – transformative legislation that sets national standards to increase access to the ballot box, bans partisan and racial gerrymandering, protects our elections from partisan sabotage, and ensures that our government works for us by ending the use of dark money and reducing the influence of special interest money in politics.

We worked hard in 2020 to successfully elect pro-democracy candidates, including President Biden. Now, we must use our collective voices to remind them what they were elected for. Nothing can get accomplished without a strong democratic foundation, and democracy will not exist without ensuring the freedom to vote for EVERYONE.

As President Biden continues to push his agenda, it’s critically important that he not leave behind what he campaigned on: protecting the freedom to vote. And we, the folks who knocked on doors, made phone calls, texted, wrote letters, and worked so hard to get him elected, will not let him forget what he owes the American people.

We are calling on President Biden and the pro-democracy candidates we helped elect to get it done – ensure the Freedom to Vote Act is passed!

Sign the petition: Demand President Biden protect our freedom to vote and urge the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act immediately!

Participating Organizations:
Beyond the Bomb
Broward for Progress
Daily Kos
Declaration for American Democracy Coalition
Demand Progress
DemCast USA
Democracy For America
Fight For Reform
Fix Democracy First
Future Coalition
Greenpeace USA
Let America Vote
March On
Moms Fed Up
OD Action
People For the American Way
Progress America
Progressive Reform Network