Sign the petition to your member of Congress: Say NO to higher drug prices

High drug costs have been a serious issue for decades, but Big Pharma has always stood in the way. Until now. For the first time in history, provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act will empower Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and cap annual drug expenses for seniors.

These reforms are some of the Inflation Reduction Act’s most popular provisions, with 71% support. But instead of supporting policies Americans want, some Republicans in Congress are putting Big Pharma and special interests ahead of working families by blocking a $35 insulin co-pay bill from inclusion in the Inflation Reduction Act, and introducing a new bill to end ALL the lower drug pricing provisions.  

It’s no secret that some members of the GOP have always stood by Big Pharma--it’s one of the reasons the effort to lower drug costs has taken so long. But sponsoring a bill to revert popular reforms and allow Big Pharma to continue price gouging is extreme and out of touch with working families across the country. Americans are tired of Big Pharma’s skyrocketing prices for life-saving medications.  

The Inflation Reduction Act is a good start. But there is still more to do to lower drug prices, and Congress will have a chance to work on insulin reform later this year. They need to hear from you.

Sign the petition to your member of Congress: Americans want Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, and every American deserves a $35 insulin co-pay.  

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