Sign the Pledge: Join the Fight to Save America's Postal Service!


The APWU needs YOU to join the fight for workers’ rights, voter’s rights, an improved education system, postal banking, safety net for seniors, $15 an hour minimum wage, health care for all, and economic and social justice. Sign the pledge to be active in at least four or more activities between now and April 30, 2018.

BE SEEN at rallies, informational pickets, congressional offices, state representative offices and town hall meetings.

BE HEARD through phone campaigns, letter writing, emailing, leafleting, door knocking, community events and activities, and partnerships with other groups to get out the vote.

VOTE in all elections for every federal, state and city government position and ballot initiatives. From your school board to members of Congress, every election matters!

Signing the pledge will sign you up to receive e-mails notifying you of ways to get involved. If you include your mobile number, you will also receive texts, and you are authorizing mobile communications from APWU. You may unsubscribe from these messages at any time.
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