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Looming over everything is the immediate necessity of preserving peace and security in the US and world. In a short time, Trump has brought us to the brink of war with Syria and North Korea while escalating existing conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Congress must assert itself to restrain Trump's military adventures. Other issues are:

  • Pass single payer health care (Medicare for all). It is time for the US to join the rest of the civilized world and provide universal health care as a moral right;
  • Eliminate superdelegates. They are undemocratic and unDemocratic (both little "d" and big "D") and perpetuate the dominance of corporate Democrats at the head of our Party;
  • Stop denying Science, particularly as it pertains to global warming;
  • Stop accepting of contributions from corporations whose interests conflict with Democratic Party values (oil, Big Pharm, insurance, huge financial conglomerates, etc.); No more DINOs - Democrats in Name Only.
  • Address homelessness and decriminalize mental illness;
  • Abolish mandatory arbitration in employment disputes and commercial relationships with consumers;
  • Protect the rights of minority religions and of those with no religion in Trump's perverted vision of America;
  • Assure the integrity and independence of the Supreme Court and lower courts;
  • Campaign finance reform.
  I need your help to make these changes.
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