SIGN UP for Summer Uprising – ACT NOW! 15th July onwards


Starting on 15 July, in five cities across the UK, Rebels will rise up in an organic, decentralised, coordinated action, disrupting city spaces with the message: ACT NOW!

Just as mushrooms spread their spores, we want to show the UK Government how we are growing and spreading after our London Rebellion. And we want you to get involved! Bring your energy to help us guide the planning and implementation.

CALLING ON ALL REBELS to get involved. Filling out this form will help us plan and put the relevant working groups and coordinators in touch with you.

There are a whole host of ways to get involved:

  • join the action by taking on arrestable and non-arrestable roles

  • prepare for the action and support people after it’s finished

We urge you to sign up if you have time to help organise or support the action but are away on those dates.

The regions concerned (and the proposed cities in which the actions will take place) are:

  • Scotland (Glasgow)

  • Wales (Cardiff)

  • North England (Leeds)

  • Central England (London)

  • South-West England (Bristol)

Find everything you need to know about the #SummerUprising on the Facebook event here:


Please select ‘going’ to this event (or ‘interested’) and share it on your personal feed and messaging apps to spread the word among your family, friends and acquaintances.

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