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IfNotNow is a movement of young American Jews organizing to end the American Jewish community's support for the occupation. We are committed to bringing this movement to cities across the country so Jews from across the country can join the #JewishResistance.

We will be the generation to end our community’s support for the occupation and create a Judaism that stands for the dignity of all people.

IfNotNow welcomes and celebrates our community's vast diversity of identities and experiences. We are building a diverse, vibrant Jewish network -- across spectrums of race, class, culture (Mizrachi, Sephardic, and Ashkenazi), sexuality, gender identity, ability status, nation of origin, and age -- and prioritize Jews who have identities that have been marginalized by the mainstream community.

We build our movement through regional trainings. This allows the entire movement to be working towards the same goal using the same strategy. At trainings, we come together to learn about IfNotNow's theory of change, our unified strategy, and the narrative that brings the movement to life.

Here are the list of upcoming training dates:
  • Boston: February 2nd - 3rd
  • Montreal: March 16th - 17th
  • Philadelphia: TBD
  • New York: TBD
  • Toronto: TBD
  • DC: TBD
  • Chicago: TBD
  • Bay Area: TBD
  • Seattle: TBD
  • Los Angeles: TBD
  • Twin Cities: TBD
  • Austin: TBD
  • Pittsburgh: TBD
  • San Diego: TBD
  • And, if you can -- please support the trainings by donating here.

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