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Be part of the Rebellion by calling up other XR supporters across the country

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We need to ACT - NOW!

We are facing an unprecedented climate and ecological emergency. The UK Government has failed to protect us. It's time to step up, business as usual is over.

From the comfort of our own homes, communities and XR spaces - we're asking XR Rebels to call up other XR supports across the country to grow the Movement and support each other in becoming as active and engaged in XR as possible, THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!

What is Rebel Ringing?

Rebel Ringing is the XR's "Phone Banking" wing! A Phone Bank is essentially a volunteer based call centre for campaigning- except it is fun, positive and inspiring! An XR Phone Bank could be 20 activists in a XR space, or it might be a XR Affinity Group in somebody's kitchen. Rebel Ringers at a Phone Bank call up other XR supporters to help inform and engage them in XR.

XR's Rebel Ringer Vision

The XR strategy is to now grow the movement, this includes expanding the Rebel Ringers so we can reach tens of thousands of Rebels every week - strengthening the movement through human, caring connections and conversations.  

By Acting Together we can Make the Necessary Possible.

Love and Rage

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