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As the election season heats up, we need AFSCME members to volunteer to help elect pro-worker candidates. 2016 will feature key races up and down the ballot that will affect workers’ rights and public services. Currently, a pro-worker majority of one seat is in control of the Iowa Senate. If the Iowa Senate falls into the hands of anti-worker politicians and they maintain their control of the Iowa House, Iowa’s public employees will likely lose their collective bargaining rights just like what happened in Wisconsin in 2011.

2016 will also be a Presidential Election year. The election of the next President could have far reaching effects for public employees in Iowa: the federal budget funds many state and local programs in Iowa. The next President will almost certainly make appointments to the US Supreme Court which can affect what union rights are protected or struck down by the courts.

We need your help! Please commit to volunteer by filling out the form to your right. 

Please make sure to use only personal phone numbers and personal e-mail addresses and to sign up from a non-work computer/phone at a non-location during non-work hours.

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