SMART Army Members Assistance

The totality of the COVID-19 virus remains to be seen. Immediately, we want to provide support for members' personal essential needs who have been deemed high risk by the CDC. Many members have been identified to be high risk based on age and other health related issues. If you are deemed high risk, based on age or other health related issues, we as a Union want to help. One of the core values of Organized Labor is the solidarity that comes from our brother and sisterhood.

Our membership is family, our strength is our collective bond.

If you are high risk and could use personal, essential support, please complete the information on the right of this form. Our SMART Army stands ready to serve.

Please note that volunteers are encouraged to practice safe social distancing and conform to federal, state, provincial and local guidelines and restrictions. This includes shelter in place orders, curfews and any other restrictions that may apply.

Keep up to date with SMART COVID-ID resources for SMART members and the general public.

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