Sprid flygblad om att utreda mer E22 projektet. Pass out flyers about investigating more the E22 project

I Höör Left, in Lund in February 2021, In Höör, February 2021

Help pass out flyers. Join us at the following locations or propose a location and time in the form on the right. everytime we pass out around 200 we pick up around 20 to 25 additional signatures. We have requests now in to spread nearly 3000 and climbing.

Lund: March 3, Wednesday, 13:00, corner of Tornev. and Tunavägen. We continue to fan out to the local residences. Sign up on the right so we know you can make it.

Eslöv: March 12, Friday, we meet on north side of Eslöv Järvögstation  at 14:15. We then fan out to distribute flyers including at train station and households until 17:00.

Höör: March 5, Friday, we meet at Höörs Mittpunkten, Industrigatan 5 at 13:15 for delicious regular lunch. At 14:15 we flyer around town. We gather at  the train station at 15:30 until 17:00. You must sign up here.  

Staffanstorp or any other town: Fill in on the right...

Other. Fill in on the right...

Marja, Sima, Anna, Ninni, Lund, 24-2-21Left, Eslöv flyer team, March 2021, Marja, Ellen, Rolf

Right, Lund flyer team Sinna, Sima, Ninni, Marja, Feb. 2020


Below is more information in Swedish and English.

Här har du viktiga länk. Here are important links.

Nästa E22 mötet. Next E22 meeting, March 21 , anmäl dig här. Sign up here:


Online Uppropet UtredMerE22-Online Petition investigate more the E22, https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/utrede22projektet/

Papperskopia Uppropet UtredMerE22-Paper Copy Investigate more the E22, https://actionnetwork.org/user_files/user_files/000/050/831/original/E22petition_-_Sheet1_(2).pdf

Bakgrunds information-Background information. https://actionnetwork.org/user_files/user_files/000/051/490/original/Bakgrunds_Information_om_E22_(2).pdf

Exact plans phase 1 https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/skane/e22-far-sex-filer-genom-lund

more details: https://www.trafikverket.se/nara-dig/skane/vi-bygger-och-forbattrar/E22-genom-skane/e22-gastelyckanlund-norra-ideon-ny-anslutning/

More expansion, phase 2: https://www.trafikverket.se/nara-dig/skane/vi-bygger-och-forbattrar/E22-genom-skane/e22-trafikplats-lund-sodra-ombyggnad-for-okad-kapacitet/

Lunds position on declaring a climate emergency: https://www.lund.se/kommun--politik/kommunens-organisation/aktuella-beslut/2019/kommunstyrelsen--aktuella-beslut-i-december-2019/

Lunds klimatpolitiskarådet, report, 2020, https://actionnetwork.org/user_files/user_files/000/052/510/original/klimatpolitiska-radets-arsrapport-2020.pdf

Pressmeddelnden-Press releases

No. 1, January 6, 2021

No. 2, January 21, 2021

Attachment to January 21, 2021 press release

Mer information-more information on no to widening. https://breddaintee22.se

Om du vill komma i kontakt  med i FFF skriv på på höger sidan. If you want to connect with FFF fill in the right hand side.

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