Stand With Family Child Care Providers

Make your voice heard! Sign the petition to support California’s family child care providers

Young children, their parents, and child care providers face a crisis. Parents want a bright future for their children, but many can’t find or afford quality early care and education resulting in more than 1 million children being left behind.

Child care providers find themselves earning poverty wages and are unable to support their own families, much less afford additional education and training that will enable them to better serve the children in their care.

It’s time for us to move boldly forward. California is the wealthiest state in the nation and the 5th largest economy in the world. We know a well-supported child care workforce is critical to comprehensively improve California’s child care system and change the course for generations to come.

That is why parents and providers across California are banding together to demand that all children get the strong start they deserve and that providers receive the training, resources, and living wages they deserve. It's time to take action and make California's child care system work for everyone.

Join the fight for quality child care for all. Sign our petition to ensure providers and parents have a seat at the table.